Classic Black & Gold Vase Urns
This design provides a very classy design for a more understated presentation in any home or office setting. Made of solid yellow Brass and finished in solid black, this urn is then hand-carved to reveal the gold base metal via several hours of delicate and difficult carving. Threaded screw-on lid provides tamper proof access to the space inside. Available in the four sizes listed below, consider this design when looking for an urn that fits your more traditional home decor.

Small: 0-30 lbs pet, 45 cubic inches - height 6"
Medium: 31-65 lbs pet, 85 cubic inches - height 7"
Large: 66-110 lbs pet, 125 cubic inches - height 8"
X-Large 111-160 lbs pet, 200 cubic inches - height 10"

Classic Black & Gold Vase Urns


Small: $65.00

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